Exporting to Venezuela – High speed Arc sheet production line

In today’s fast-paced industrial sector, Cangzhou Zhongtuo Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd.’s high-speed thin material corrugated roofing sheet roll forming machine is undoubtedly a significant technological innovation. The equipment stands out for its performance and advanced technology, setting the trend for the development of the cold roll forming industry.


1. High-Speed Performance, Boosting Production Efficiency

The high speed thin corrugated roofing sheet roll forming machine can achieve an astonishing speed of 50 meters per minute during production. This breakthrough in speed has greatly enhanced production efficiency, saving enterprises valuable time and costs. Whether it’s large-scale production or urgent orders, the equipment can easily handle and meet customer demands.

2. Siemens Motors and Electricals, Ensuring Equipment Stability

The High speed thin corrugated roofing sheet roll forming machine uses Siemens motors and electricals. This choice not only guarantees the stability and reliability of the equipment but also significantly extends its lifespan. Siemens, a globally renowned leader in the field of electrical automation, sets the benchmark for product quality and technology in the industry.

3. Remote Operation and Maintenance, Real-Time Monitoring of Equipment Status

This machine is equipped with remote operation and maintenance capabilities, allowing for real-time monitoring of equipment operation status and production data. Through remote monitoring, operators can access equipment status anytime, anywhere, promptly handle faults, and improve production efficiency and equipment utilization.

4. Automatic Conversion of CAD Drawings, Enhancing Design Efficiency

The machine supports the automatic conversion of CAD drawings, directly transforming designers’ CAD drawings into a format recognizable by the equipment. This feature greatly reduces communication costs and time between design and production, improving design efficiency and accuracy.

5. Multiple Intelligent Functions, Achieving Automated Production

The machine is equipped with a 10-ton hydraulic decoiler and an automatic feeding trolley, realizing automated material supply and production processes. Additionally, the equipment features a pressure wall, support, and a sturdy and durable frame structure, ensuring product quality and stability. The application of servo motor cutting technology, as well as a 6-meter quick delivery rack and a pneumatic fast automatic stacking machine, further intelligentizes the entire production process.

With its high-speed performance, stability, and intelligent functions, the machine has become a significant technological breakthrough in the cold roll forming industry. The application of its remote operation and maintenance, automatic conversion of CAD drawings, and multiple intelligent functions allows enterprises to produce products that meet customer demands.

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