Established cooperation with Algerian customers

In the midst of the worldwide trend of industrial enhancement and intelligent conversion, Cangzhou Zhongtuo Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd. (ZTRFM) has secured a contract for a slitting line project with Algerian clients. This milestone signifies the escalating competitiveness of Chinese industrial equipment on the international stage and robustly supports the global expansion of China’s equipment manufacturing sector. The pivot towards digitalization and intelligence in industrial equipment, aimed at high performance, reliability, and energy efficiency, is a current priority for China’s equipment manufacturing industry,” according to an expert from the Chinese Academy of Engineering.


Cangzhou Zhongtuo is set to supply Algerian clients with a range of cost-effective and resilient cold roll forming machines, complemented by digital and artificial intelligence-enabled remote operation and maintenance services. The project is highlighted by the following key aspects:

1. Meeting Customer Needs with Cost-Effectiveness

Cangzhou Zhongtuo carefully considered the specific requirements of Algerian clients and offered solutions that balanced quality with competitive pricing, aiding in reducing clients’ investment outlay and enhancing production efficiency.

2.  National Policy Implementation, Global Industrial Advancement

Reflecting on the project’s contract signing, Cangzhou Zhongtuo has garnered the trust of Algerian clients through its cost-effectiveness, digitalization, and AI-enabled remote operation and maintenance. This achievement not only showcases the might of China’s equipment manufacturing industry but is also a testament to the guidance of Chinese policies.

Congratulations once more to Cangzhou Zhongtuo for the successful Algeria Slitting Line project, and we look forward to their future luminous achievements.

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