Our Machine Garners International Acclaim

The exceptional services provided by Cangzhou Zhongtuo Cold Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd.(ZTRFM) have earned the enthusiastic appreciation of its Jordanian clients. The clients have invested in a variety of equipment, such as container houses machine, square frames machine, and house frame structure machine, all of which are equipped with cutting-edge servo tracking punching technology for accurate perforation. Moreover, the equipment supports remote operation and maintenance, as well as automated data collection, and employs CAD remote data input to minimize human error.

To guarantee the machine’s seamless operation, Our Company has sent after-sales engineers to conduct on-site adjustments, a service that has garnered substantial approval from the clients.

For those seeking further information about the roll forming machines or services offered by ZTRFM, or for any inquiries, we advise reaching out to the company directly. We stand ready to offer detailed and expert information and assistance.

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