We all know that during its life cycle, it is normal for the customer to stop production due to machine problems or downtime. Even if it is only one day, the customer suffers partial losses and increases the production cycle, so we must shorten the time for machine maintenance and repair, with the aim of keeping the downtime to a minimum.

Usually, when there is a problem with the machine, you can help you solve it through our after-sales phone or remote assistance by our engineers, just like having a special after-sales staff at your side to serve you, you do not need to wait a long time to solve the problem. This service allows you to restart production in the shortest possible time.

Maintenance schedule

The routine maintenance of the machine is always more important than solving the problem. We have a special preventive maintenance plan, when purchasing products, we will provide you with machine maintenance manual, as long as you follow our method of regular maintenance and inspection of the machine, you can reduce the possibility of machine failure to a certain extent, can extend the life of the machine, improve the reliability and stability of the equipment, so that it can work better for you. We effectively implement point-to-point guidance and maintenance services to ensure the efficiency and quality of services.


What is a product upgrade plan? When the machine you purchased before can not meet your production needs, you can make a production line change request to us, according to your needs and the condition of the machine itself, we can provide you with product upgrade services, update the machine, so that it can better meet your needs, improve satisfaction.

Original parts

Can any part be used when the machine fails and needs to be replaced? The answer is no. Parts that do not match the machine will not only not make the machine work properly, but may even make the situation worse. The standard components installed on the production line of the machine you purchase are stocked in our warehouse and ready to be shipped. The original parts are strictly tested and meet strict quality standards to ensure their durability and compatibility with the machine, and perfectly fit with the machine to play the best performance of the machine.

On Site Service

If your machine has a problem in the production process, according to your description of the problem and telephone communication, if you lack of people who understand the relevant technology, our engineers can provide you with on-site service, go to your place for you to debug the machine, so that you can use the machine in the process of more peace of mind.

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