Supply stud and track machine to clients in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government plans to invest several hundred billion dollars in infrastructure construction in the coming years, including transportation, housing, education, and other fields. The demand for building materials in the Middle East has significantly increased, and the market vitality should not be underestimated. This is a set of stud and track roll forming machine produced for Saudi Arabian customers, including large L-shaped, small L-shaped, U-shaped, cap-shaped, and W-shaped. The customer purchased five sets of keel roll forming machine at one time. The production speed requirement is 45 meters per minute, which is an economical mode.

Supply keel machinery to clients in Saudi Arabia

Although the decoiler is manually fed, it does not lack the four-arm support or side plug. This keeps the equipment from being damaged during high-speed operation. On such a small-sized device, the feed roller pressure roller clamp roller can stop the material. In this way, the sparrow is complete, and it also meets the customer’s possible need to change the size of the plate in the future.

External nuts are used for easy adjustment or replacement of equipment models. Turkey heads with rotary straightening function are installed to prevent deformation caused by uneven material thickness and texture.

To cater to the customer’s brand awareness, the stamping logo process is more aesthetically pleasing and durable than the inkjet code. The cutting is done using a servo motor to drive the cutter and the stamping mark is completed together. Not only can the logo spacing be adjusted, but it also ensures the high-speed continuous operation of the equipment. Zhongtuo has always adhered to a point of view. That is, our equipment should have a long service life, easy to use, durable and cost-effective. This is also the key to the well-received product quality and service of Zhongtuo, providing advanced technical solutions to meet the special needs of customers and providing comprehensive support to customers. With the support of Siemens’ digital transformation, Zhongtuo can continuously launch new products and services to meet market demand.

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