Do you want to know more about our machine?

Today, I am pleased to introduce our state-of-the-art standing seam roll forming machine, which is specifically designed for the production of wall cladding and wall panels. Allow me to walk you through its key features and functionalities.

Firstly, you’ll notice our robust three-ton hydraulic decoiler, which is integral to the feeding process. The decoiler is accompanied by a unique shaft designed for film attachment—a distinctive feature that sets our machine apart from others. This film attachment is crucial for protecting the surface of the material during the rolling process, preventing any scratches or damage that could compromise the final product.

As the material is fed into the machine, it encounters a series of green rollers. The smaller feeding rollers ensure a secure and precise feeding of the coils into the machine, while the larger active feeding rollers provide a tight grip on the material, ensuring efficient progression through the machine. Additionally, vertical rollers offer guidance, maintaining the material’s direction as it feeds into the machine.

One of the innovative aspects of our machine is the free shearing device. This feature allows for a unique sequence of operations: feeding, cutting, and then forming. This is particularly beneficial for profiles with varying heights and shapes, as it preserves the integrity of the profile’s design.

In regions with extreme cold, such as Russia, where temperatures can plummet to -40℃, we have opted for an electric cutting system over a hydraulic one. This decision ensures uninterrupted operation, as hydraulic oil can freeze in such low temperatures. The electric cutting system is not only convenient but also reliable, eliminating potential issues during machine operation.

The finished product showcases the precision of our machine, with holes punched by specialized rollers that facilitate easy installation and screwing. The width of the product can be adjusted , offering flexibility to meet various design requirements. This adjust ability is made possible by our PLC control system, which ensures that the product dimensions are accurate and consistent.

Our machine is equipped with three different rollers, each serving a specific purpose in creating the ribs for the wall cladding panels. This design allows for the production of panels with different rib configurations, catering to a wide range of aesthetic preferences. The machine’s transmission is controlled by a servo motor, enabling precise adjustments to achieve the desired width of the product.

Given the increasing popularity of wall cladding panels due to their attractive appearance, our machine is designed to meet the diverse demands of the market. If you are interested in our machine’s capabilities, please feel free to reach out with any inquiries you may have. Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how our standing seam roll forming machine can enhance your production process.

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