C-Shaped Steel Solar Bracket Machine Shipped to Jordan

This machine is tailored for the fabrication of C-shaped steel solar brackets that serve as robust structural supports for solar panels. They are crafted to ensure the secure and strategic placement of solar panels, optimizing their capacity to absorb solar radiation and convert it into electrical energy. Typically, these mounting systems are set up on rooftops, in ground-level installations, or in any location where there is ample sunlight exposure.

The machinery dispatched to Jordan has the capacity to manufacture two standard sizes of C-shaped steel solar brackets, measuring 41*20 mm and 41*40 mm. The brackets are crafted from materials with varying thicknesses of 1.5 mm and 1.8 mm, striking a balance between structural integrity and cost efficiency. To fulfill the order specifications, the machinery is fitted with a 3-ton manual decoiler and a forming machine equipped with a gear box that houses 12 sets of precision gears, each with a 60 mm shaft diameter. The entire forming operation is powered by a gear box transmission, ensuring smooth and precise production. The machine is also equipped with a hydraulic cutting system and a hydraulic pump with an air-cooled condenser, all of which are designed to enhance production efficiency and the quality of the end product.

The C-shaped steel solar brackets machine produced by Zhongtuo are not only easy to transport and install due to their light weight but also boast superior corrosion resistance. This allows them to endure severe and challenging environmental conditions over an extended period without sustaining damage. The design of these brackets also incorporates aesthetic considerations, contributing to the overall visual appeal of the solar panel array. This ensures that the solar power generation system not only performs efficiently but also presents a cohesive and visually pleasing appearance. In essence, Zhongtuo’s C-shaped steel solar brackets offer an outstanding solution that combines functionality, longevity, and visual appeal, making them ideal for a wide range of solar PV power generation projects.

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