A new type of external wall cladding machine

 Today, I am here to introduce a new type of external wall cladding machine. Many buildings now have higher and higher requirements for the appearance of external walls, which led us to develop this machine.This machine features an automatic translation opening and closing function, capable of meeting various widths and sizes. Its width range is from 300mm to 650mm, which can be adjusted automatically to allow customers to select the appropriate width according to the size of the external wall, satisfying the aesthetic needs of the wall.

Today we have also tested various widths of the machine. This machine is not only capable of forming , but also automatically rolls out nail holes during the forming process. The machine has a buffering device that keeps the uncoiling machine from automatically stopping when the material is loose, and automatically feeding when the material is tight. The design of our machine is very sturdy, durable, and easy to use. The feeding part is also uniquely designed, with an additional roller device for membrane coating. This membrane coating device can apply a protective layer to the material surface during the forming process, protecting the material from damage.

Our equipment also has a pressure roller guide to ensure that the material surface is not scratched. The feed shaft plays a role in assisting the feeding of the material before it enters the machine, avoiding manual feeding and ensuring stability. When the material runs continuously for a long time, the feed shaft needs to be disengaged to avoid malfunctions. The cutting device is electric, designed to meet the needs of customers in low-temperature environments. The location of the cutting is designed to maintain the 90-degree vertical edge of the cladding machine, preventing deformation of the edge after forming.

The forming rollers of the machine are large in size with a large diameter, which helps maintain high speed and stability. We use an integral suspension wire to ensure even spacing, preventing material deformation. The machine also has a trimming device for correcting the edges of the material. We can also add reinforcing ribs to the material surface to create various shapes and models. The side of the machine is equipped with linear sliders, which can be adjusted to the desired width with a single press on the computer screen. The feeding part can also be automatically adjusted. Our machine also includes a patented technology for rolling operations during the forming process.

In summary, our machine has a variety of functions and advantages, capable of meeting the needs of different customers.

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