Is this the roll forming machine customization scheme you are looking for

 Convenient customization and fast delivery

1. Just provide the finished version or sample can be customized

2. The customization time is short 30-60 days to ship

3. High quality guarantee that the full automatic furring channel roll forming machine meets the requirements of national certificates:CSA in Canada, UL in the United States, CE in the European Union, ISO in the global quality management system, etc.

Drawing design -3D software design and CAD

Different units of measurement drawings can be designed for customers in different countries

3D simulation operation technology

Simulate and test customers full automatic channel roll forming machine to make optimizations to help customers feel the machine in advance.

Customized, personalized exclusive design

1. Provide OEM, ODM. Can customize color, logo, can customize different countries voltage :380V /220V/480V/440V, can customize different brands of accessories and different languages.

2. According to the customer construction site to provide customized and site design machine layout

3. Professional design team to meet the capital budget, production efficiency and other needs of different customers, all in order to provide exclusive solutions for each customer

What machine are you looking for?Welcome to contact us to get a customized solution for your machine.We can provide you with high quality hot sale roll forming machine and reliable after-sales service

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