How is it that keel machine can not reach the expected service life

Each equipment has some service life, t bar light keel roll forming machine is no exception, if the actual use of the equipment is found to have not reached the expected service life, it may be the result of no reasonable use. It can be seen that the correct use is important for the machine, which belong to the unreasonable use?

Unreasonable operation:

If the operator does not follow the correct operating procedures to use metal roll forming machine such as overload operation or improper operation, it will cause damage to the equipment. For example, the use of machinery without complying with the operating procedures, there is a phenomenon of continuous load operation, which will cause serious damage to machine.

Environmental factors:

If the machine does not have a good construction environment, such as dust, moisture and other environmental factors are too much, it will aggravate the wear of the equipment components and shorten the service life of the equipment. Secondly, it does not bring a good construction environment for PPGI & GI T grid ceiling system, thus aggravating the wear of the components.

Lack of timely maintenance:

If the various parts of the tile press are not regularly maintained, such as lubrication, cleaning, parts replacement, etc., it will lead to reduced equipment performance and damage in advance.

Improper temperature control:

If the temperature is not well controlled during use, such as operating in a high or low temperature environment, the stability and performance of the equipment will be affected.

All of these will affect the service life of the roll forming machine, so it should be strictly avoided.

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