How dangerous the cold roll forming machine is

Metal roll forming machine is used to form and bend metal sheets into the required profiles or shapes, and is widely used in the field of building materials production. In the production process of metal sheets, there are also certain dangers in the use of cold forming machines.

1.Safety risks: C / U / Z / Sigma purlin roll forming machine usually involve large mechanical parts and high-speed moving parts, if not properly operated or maintained, may lead to personal injury, such as pinch injury, impact injury.

2. Object splashing: In the operation of the equipment, debris, waste or sparks generated by cutting may be generated, which may splash out, causing injury to the operator or people around.

3. Chemical hazards: Metal cold forming may involve corrosive or toxic chemicals, such as coating materials, rust inhibitors, etc., which may cause harm to the operator and the environment if not used or handled correctly.

4. Electrical hazards: The light steel C-purlin framing machine is usually powered by the electrical system, so there is a risk of electric shock or fire if the wiring is damaged or maintenance is not performed correctly.

5. Mechanical failure: Metal cold forming machine due to long-term operation and high strength use, mechanical failure or failure may occur, resulting in production disruption, equipment damage and other problems, affecting production efficiency and product quality.

In order to reduce these hazards, the operator should receive professional training, strictly abide by the operating procedures and safe operating procedures, and regularly maintain and check the automatic C shaped steel profile machine to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition.

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