Cities of the future: 90% of new buildings in China are green prefabricated buildings

With the acceleration of urbanization process in our country, the development of construction industry is changing rapidly. At present, China’s new green building area accounts for more than 90% of new buildings. As one of the key equipment of prefabricated buildings, customzied stud and track machine plays an irreplaceable role.

Cold roll forming machine is mainly used for the production of building steel components, such as beams, columns, plates, etc., through the cold roll forming process to process steel into various shapes to meet the structural needs of prefabricated buildings.

The use of 40m/min hot sale furring channel roll forming fabrication to produce prefabricated building components can not only improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, but also ensure the quality and accuracy of the components and improve the overall performance of the building. At the same time, the furring channel roll forming machine has high flexibility and can adapt to the production of various components of different shapes and specifications to meet the diversified and personalized needs of prefabricated buildings.

At present, many cities have begun to promote green prefabricated buildings on a large scale, and it is called the development direction of future urban architecture. With the popularity of prefabricated buildings, the market demand for 40m/min furring channel roll forming machine inc will continue to expand.

40m/min hot sale furring channel roll forming fabrication
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