Zhongtuo’s Machinery Garners International Acclaim

The exceptional roll forming machinery produced by Cangzhou Zhongtuo Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd., including the Glazed Roofing Sheet Machine and Ridge Cap Machine, has garnered significant interest from Russian customers as the company forges ahead in its international market expansion efforts. Zhongtuo’s machinery not only meets the exacting standards of customers but has also earned accolades and recognition on the global stage.


Cangzhou Zhongtuo Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd. has received extensive acclaim from Russian customers for its exceptional performance in the realm of color steel tile machines, glazed tile machines, and ridge tile machines. Driven by the latest technologies and digital intelligence, Zhongtuo is committed to providing customers with top-notch products and services, supporting them in their pursuit of international market growth and a promising future.

In the international market arena, Zhongtuo’s machinery has garnered praise for its robustness. This achievement is undoubtedly tied to the Zhongtuo team’s unwavering quest for technological innovation and its meticulous approach to quality. It is anticipated that in the coming days, Zhongtuo’s machinery will undoubtedly secure the confidence and acclaim of an even broader international customer base, paving the way for a digitally intelligent and collectively prosperous future.

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