The contract signing occurred at China Import And Export Fair

During the 135th China Import and Export Fair, Cangzhou Zhongtuo Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd(ZTRFM) secured on-the-spot contract signings with clients who made cash deposits as a token of their commitment. The purpose of this exhibition’s signing event is to further promote ZTRFM’s cooperation with the international market and to enhance the quality of products and services.

ZTRFM is renowned for its exceptional product and service quality in both local and global markets. In their addresses, government officials highlighted ZTRFM’s significant role in technological innovation, remote operations and maintenance, and smart automation equipment, expressing admiration for the company’s accomplishments.

The contract signing occurred at the Canton Fair location. ZTRFM inked numerous cooperation agreements with clients from Guinea, South Korea, Mexico,United States, and so on. These agreements included a range of product lines such as roofing sheet making machines, stud and track machines, and floor deck roll forming machines. These partnerships are poised to expand ZTRFM’s horizons in the international market and to elevate its product and service quality.

ZTRFM has heavily invested in technological breakthroughs, employing remote operations and maintenance to deliver more efficient and intelligent solutions to its clientele. The company’s achievements were aided by the government’s support in booth allocation, which provided an advantageous showcasing environment and backdrop for engaging with international clients. This strong government-enterprise partnership has been instrumental in ZTRFM’s progress and has set a precedent for Cangzhou’s economic advancement.

ZTRFM is committed to continuous improvement in product quality and service levels, striving to offer the best solutions to customers worldwide!

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