What Is C Purlin Roll Forming Machine?

C purlin roll forming machine is one of the many varieties of cold roll forming machine. It is mainly composed of hydraulic decoiler, straightening device, roll forming device, hydraulic punching device, cutting device, products receiving table, hydraulic station, computer control system and so on. Easy to operate, labor saving.

The process of C purlin shape roll making machine: the strip steel is fed into the machine from the tail. And it is pressed into C-type steel from the head through multiple rows of rollers. In the traditional process, C-shaped steel needs to be cut off manually after pressing and forming, and then transported to the punching machine to punch holes according to the size required by customers. So the production cannot be continuous and the efficiency is not high.

Purlin steel made by our C/Z Sigma Purlin Roll Forming Machine is an economical cutting profile. Due to the reasonable cross-section shape, they can make the steel efficient and improve the bearing ability. The wing embroidery of H-shaped steel is widened, and the inner and outer surfaces are usually parallel, so that it can be easily connected with high-strength spiral and other components. Its size constitutes a reasonable series, complete models, easy to design and choose.
The finished C purlin rolled by C purlin making machine has good flexural and compressive resistance, good flatness, automatic fixed length cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation, fast and convenient installation. The product can be used as the main force structure of large and medium-sized industrial civil buildings, such as the roof bearing and wall support of factory buildings, exhibition halls, theaters, sports venues, and flower sheds of markets.

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