Maximizing C Strut Profile Machine Performance through Advanced Teeth Design and Machining Techniques

Ensuring the quality of teeth on C strut profile machine is crucial as they significantly impact the performance and application of these products. Properly designed teeth enhance the bolt connection’s integrity, preventing movement after installation. The design of the strut profile machinery and the method chosen for creating the teeth are essential factors that determine whether the machine will be accepted by end-users.

Several methods exist for producing the teeth on strut profiles, but not all yield equally effective results. A preferred method ensures that the teeth are deeper and positioned at the top of the metal, thereby enhancing frictional force. This approach also extends the lifespan of the teethed rollers. Our machinery incorporates roller spacers on the shaft, allowing for the adjustment of the teeth position as the rollers wear, thus maximizing their usability.

Although alternative methods for creating teeth exist, we have found them to be less effective. I will share some photos illustrating these methods, which we no longer employ in the production of our C strut-profile machines.

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